Learn how easy it is to add Natural, 100% Drug Free LED light therapy treatment to your practice. 

Did you know most Red LED and Infrared systems on the market today only have 10 to 800 LEDs?

Luminous technology can have up to 20,000 LED’s.  That’s not all… 

  • 600 nm Facial Surgery and Recovery
  • 660 nm Deeper Cell Penetration
  • 850 nm Improved Pain Management
485 nm Blue Light Glasses combined with guided meditations for Stress Reduction and Relaxation

       Value Add for Your Practice

  • Ancillary Service to Drive Downstream Revenues
  • Only 1.5 to 30 Minutes Per Treatment
  • CPT Codes for Pain Management Treatment Program
  • Hands Free with No Additional Licensing Required
  • On Location and Retail In-Home Care Solutions Available
  • Turn-Key Implementation Solution and Support
     Capture New Customers and Increase Referrals

Insurance Covers $100 Per Treatment Up To 75 Treatments
PLUS, NO special license needed to administer. Staff can easily perform treatments.
*Studies Show
Studies also show, LED Light Therapy is highly effective in reducing inflammation and pain and is a
100% natural Drug Free Alternative.

Patient Benefits:

• 100% Drug Free Treatment

• Reduce Inflammation and Increase Circulation

• Stimulate Regeneration and Aid Injury Repair

• Speed Recovery

• Stimulate Body's Natural Healing Power

• Reduce Fatigue

• Promote Healing Sleep Cycle

• Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression

• Boost Energy Levels and Improve Mood



LED Light Therapy Mechanisms of Action

Infrared (IR) therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Evidence suggests that this occurs at both the molecular signaling level and at a more macro level through circulatory modulation. One of the most important mechanisms of action for near infrared light therapy is the release of nitric oxide. A naturally occurring chemical in the body, nitric oxide (NO) is a key signaling molecule that can set off a number of beneficial effects. Most notably, it has a critical role in promoting blood flow to tissues and increasing lymphatic drainage. Through the increase in lymphatic drainage, IR indirectly inhibits inflammation processes and thus reduces swelling.


Stimulating Energy Production in Cells

Associate professor of Clinical Lab Sciences Janis Eells and Dr. Harry Whelan conducted research indicating that near-infrared light emitted from an LED diode acts as a catalyst on cytochrome oxidase, an enzyme that sends a signal to the mitochondria, structures within a cell that produce adenosine triphosphate. ATP provides the fuel each cell needs to power its biological processes, including regeneration and healing. As the red light penetrates the skin, continuously reaching the light-sensitive cytochrome oxidase within the body’s cells, ATP production increases for the duration of the treatment, accelerating the recovery of injured tissue.


Repairing Injured Tissue

Once the red LED light has increased the cell’s energy production, each cell within the treated area begins producing new cells to replace the cells of the injured tissue. In his paper Mechanisms of Low-Level Light Therapy, author Michael R. Hamblin reported that once ATP production increases, so does a cell’s production of fibroblasts.

These cells provide the building blocks of the body’s connective tissue, producing collagen and other soft tissues and making increased fibroblast creation particularly helpful in treating sports injuries involving torn tendons or ligaments.

More insight into possible signaling mechanisms comes from work on nitric oxide in muscle tissue. Evidence points to nitric oxide as a mediator of satellite cell activation. Cell isolation and histology experiments showed that pharmacological inhibition of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity prevented the immediate injury-induced myogenic cell release and delayed the hypertrophy of satellite cells in muscle. NOS inhibition delayed and restricted the extent of repair and resulted in fiber branching (scarring).5


Mechanisms of Action: IR and Pain Reduction

IR has also been shown to have direct effects on pain signaling pathways. Studies of the effectiveness of  light therapy on a number of chronic pain conditions suggest that it may have activity on specific nerve fibers involved in “slow conduction” of pain signals.15-17 Human and animal studies have found elevated levels of endorphins (small proteins which block pain signals in nerves) in response to light therapy. Infrared irradiation results in an increase in ATP levels in their brains.18  


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All Packages Include:
  • Ad and Flyer for in office use or publication
  • FDA Classified as General Wellness FDA Guidance 1300013
  • Staff can assist patients - No specialized license required
1.  Specialized pad for - Arthritis in the hands, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Faciiitis
                                          Price $900 discounted 20% to $720
2.  Specialized pad for - Sprained or Strained Knees, Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow
                                          Price $1,200 discounted 20% to $960
3.  Specialized pad for - Neuropathy - feet
                                          Price $1,800 discounted 20% to $1,440

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